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two old men. They had walked along the muddy road from the nearest village which had just been captured by the American forces that morning. The wounded soldiers began to arrive here soon after the hospital was set up and were quickly evacuated. 317 Field Hospital had opened a gas hospital across the street. We had a great many German wounded coming in, also many French soldiers wounded. The German soldiers informed us that the war would not last two weeks longer, so rapidly were the Americans advancing. Their prophecy proved correct although we did not realize the truth of it at the time. On the third day of our stay here Bully Eyrick took four or five of us over to the French cemetery where we dug a grave in the rocky ground and buried a French civilian who had died the previous night. While we were in the cemetery I saw the marks left by the American artillery barrage. These holes were made by three inch high explosive shells. Each hole was about three feet across and three feet deep, shaped like an inverted cone and the line of holes stretched as far as the eye could see. They were about fifty feet apart and in a straight line that might have been laid down by a surveyor. Not a single shell hole was even a fraction of an inch out of line. Wherever the shell had struck it had opened up the ground. One shell had struck the headstone of a grave; another had hit an old pump; a third struck a newly opened grave and so it was along the entire line. It was now about the third of November and the weather was becoming colder every day. Every night we heard planes overhead, some of them German, others Allied planes and saw the searchlights as they sought the enemy planes in the darkness. -82-