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bound to show some excitement. But she was in a fix, she couldn't stay in bed and she couldn't leave. She couldn't stay with Gus's visage peering at her from beneath the bed covers. She couldn't leave as she was undressed. But she couldn't stay there in such close proximity to her bed fellow. She doubted his good intentions too, and besides the situation was embarrassing. So with one bound she threw the covers over Gus and sped to the adjoining room. On March 26, 1919, the company formed in company front at 3 A. M. and marched over near Tonnerre, a distance of twelve miles where the 80th Division was to be reviewed by General Pershing. The Division was formed for the Review with the Sanitary Train on the extreme right, and about half an hour after we heard the news that General Pershing was on the ground, he appeared before us. He was mounted on a black charger and accompanied by a numerous staff of officers, all mounted. I suppose some of them belonged to the French and British Armies, but I did not have an opportunity to see as I was looking straight ahead. We were all at attention. They slowed up their horses as they reached the extreme right and General Pershing said, "We will go through here." This movement put the reviewing officers including General Pershing along side of our company for a few minutes, when they quickened the pace of their horses and passed further back. According to Hoover, these high officers wanted to take a look at 318's shock troops. Whether this was true or not, I could never find out. When the Division had been reviewed in formation, we marched to a different part of the field where we passed in company front before General Pershing, who had taken his place on a reviewing stand. We were given orders to break into double time as soon as we had passed -99-