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the General. This left an open space of about two hundred feet, which enabled the following company to do "Eyes Right" and present an even line as they passed by the reviewing stand. When the review was over, General Pershing summoned all the non commissioned officers of the Division, corporals and sergeants and spoke to them for about half an hour. The remainder of the Division stayed on the field until the non-coms returned. A drizzling rain was falling and to reach the main road on our return march we crossed a plowed field with the mud ten inches deep. We passed some of the other outfits on the road, a machine gun company going to Gigny, the infantry going to Senneboy, Stigny, etc. Bill Hollar, one of the cooks, had made the acquaintance of a French mademoiselle who lived up on the hill across the road. Her father raised pigs and Bill was quite gone on the little lady. He would frequently go up to her house in the evenings and she was down at the kitchen about every other day taking care of the interests of her father's porkers, in so far as the kitchen could supply the pigs with subsistence in the way of left-overs. She was a familiar figure to us all and I will admit she was pretty. One night just after supper as darkness was coming on, Doc Hennessy, Mac Donald, Gus Larsen and the 4 K. P's. were all gathered in the kitchen about to put everything in shape for the night. It was Bill Hollar's day off and he came in from a visit to Ancy-le-Franc all dolled up. We saw him go into the room where the cooks had their bunks and after a few minutes all was quiet. I thought Bill was probably fast asleep on the bunk, but someone discovered on peeping through the cracks that Bill was holding a rendezvous with his French mademoiselle in the darkness. Bill was in the room while the lady was outside leaning -100-