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on the window sill. All this we could see through the cracks. He had apparently forgotten all about the cares of a cook's life as he held the mademoiselle in fond embrace. Probably the lady was equally in bliss, but the bliss didn't last long, for every man in the kitchen from Doc Hennessy to Lentz, nine in all, seized whatever object happened to be handiest and let fly over the wall at Bill and his mademoiselle. As soon as the first barrage was thrown, over went another. I saw various kitchen implements fly over, the cleaver, the meat chopper, two butcher knives, three dippers, and a square boiler. After these went two cans of bully beef, a can of tomatoes, a sack of potatoes, three heavy beef bones and a pail of cake batter. They surely put a sudden end to the lovers' bliss. I think Bill was hit on the cranium by the cleaver. In half a minute he was out the door looking for the culprits. We were all the culprits, but Bill couldn't tell the innocent from the guilty. With a lump as big as an egg on the crown of his head and the cake batter streaming down his nose, he wildly exclaimed that the man who did that had a yellow streak. It was great fun while it lasted. I was ordered one day to report to Doc Hennessy in the kitchen and went over with down-cast spirit. I thought I had been sent there for punishment but it turned out that I had gone in regular turn. Working in the kitchen wasn't at all a task to me surrounded as I was at all times with steaks, raisins, and other eatables, so when Doc asked me at five o'clock if I wanted to put in a few more days I acquiesced. I stayed in the kitchen three months, voluntarily. This may seem hard to believe to about ninety-nine per cent. of the company, but nevertheless it is true. I usually tended the outside fire where the coffee was made and sometimes onions fried. My place at -101-