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about eight miles away. We reached it just about dawn as the French inhabitants were opening their shutters. The 26th Division had been billeted in this area just before we arrived and everywhere we noticed indications of their presence. Over the barn door where we were quartered was a large "Y. D." done in brass. The French people gave us excellent reports of this division, "Vingt-six Division tres bon division," etc. The 26th Division came from Camp Devens, Massachusetts. We were quartered here in a barn which had formerly been a stable for the horses belonging to a country club. The barn was divided into stalls separated by heavy partitions. The floor was concrete. Each stall accommodated two men nicely. We had our bed ticks filled with straw and these were placed on the floor. Amyotte and Hallgren had Number 1 stall next to me, where I slept with Slim Rose and I used to hear every night the plans of Hallgren for dining out the Mississippi River and planting wheat in its bed. He told me once that Tecklenburg and I were the only ones in the company who would listen to his line of talk. I often thought he was a little cuckoo from the war. One night, returning from St. Dubert's Cafe, Tom Redd suddenly declared himself to be a Captain, the new commander of the company. The command he gave were given in a military manner, but as he was not backed by any authority, three or four of the boys were detailed to carry the new commander to his bunk, where he soon forgot about his commission. After five weeks stay here we left Laille on May 12 in trucks for Ecommoy. We arrived and noon and sought the shade of the tree to protect us from the rays of the sun. The day was very warm. Only -104-