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phia [Philadelphia] to greet me unannounced. I was too far above them to talk so I ran down to the mess hall and jumped up on one of the tables and put my head out a porthole. My head was shaved clean and I must have presented a wild-looking picture to my relatives for they showed no sign of recognition. I informed them who I was and they waved back their greetings. I had jumped up on the table in my excitement without thinking of the ship's cook, who saw me on his clean table with my hob-nails and came after me with a cleaver. We docked at Pier 7, Hoboken, New Jersey, and once ashore were given refreshments by the welfare organizations. Among the good things to eat was a piece of apple pie, the first we had had since leaving the U. S. A. one year before. The welfare organizations treated us royally. I had a cup of hot chocolate in one hand, a piece of pie in the other, a bag of salted peanuts put down between my pack and neck, some cakes on top of the mess cup and I had Hershey bars, candy, chewing gum and sandwiches galore. It was almost worth while staying in France a year to get such a good feed. We proceeded to Jersey City by ferry and then took real passenger coaches to Camp Dix, New Jersey, arriving there at three thirty on the afternoon of May 31st. On June 3 we had our final sterilizing in the army. We had been issued barrack bags on coming into the camp and these contained all our worldly belongings. They were put into a steam sterilizer to destroy Mr. and Mrs. Cootie and their offspring. The sterilizing was certainly effective. Some of our possessions coming out of the sterilizer didn't seem to be the same things that went in. Leather especially had shrunk to unbelievable proportions. A baseball glove -107-