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Diary of the War

1939 September 1--German Armies enter Poland. 3--Great Britain and France declare war on Germany. 17--Russia invaded Eastern Poland. H.M.S. "Courageous" sunk. 27--The City of Warsaw fell to German troops. October 14--Battleship "Royal Oak" sunk. November 8--A bomb was thrown in the Munich Beer Cellar after Adolf Hitler had departed 30--Russa invaded Finland.

1940 December 18--Battle of River Plate 17--The German pocket battleship "Graf Spree", after an engagement with the "Ajax", "Achilles", and "Exeter", is scuttled in the estuary of the River Plate. February 17--H.M.S. Destroyer "Cossack" after entering Joessing Fjord in Norway, boards the German prize ship "Altmark", rescuing many prisoners. April 9--Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. 11--German pocket battleship "Admiral Scheer" sunk by the submarine "Spearfish". 15--British troops land in Norway. May 10--German armies invade Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. The Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill became Prime Minister. 15--Netherlands army surrendered to the Germans. 20--Anglo-Soviet Treaty signed in London 28--King Leopold surrenders the Belgium army to the Germans. 29--Allied Forced capture Narvik. June 3--The Evacuation of Troops from Dunkirk. 10--Italy declared War on Great Britain and France. British Troops evacuate Norway. 14--Germans enter Paris. 30--Germans occupy Channel Islands. July 1--British liner "Arandora Star" sunk. August 4--Italians invade British Somaliland. 8--Battle of Britain began. 15--180 German aircraft destroyed 24--First Night-bombing of London September 15--Attempted Invasion of England; man 'planes destroyed. October 31--End of the Battle of Britain November 11--Aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm attack the Italian Fleet at Taranto. 14--Largest Air Raid on Coventry. December 10--British Forces attack at Sidi Barrani. 29--First intensified Fire Raid on London.

1941 January 21--Tobruk falls to British troops. February 6--Benghazi captured by Allied Forces. March 5--A Combined Operations Raid is made on the Lofoten Islands. 28--Naval Battle of Cape Matapan. April 6--Germany invaded Greece and Yugoslavia. May 2--Last troops evacuated from Greece. 20--Germans invade Crete. 24--The battleship H.M.S. "Hood" is sunk in an engagement with the "Prince Eugen'" and the "Bismarck". 27--The "Bismarck" sunk by H.M.S. "Dorsetshire". June 1--British troops evacuate Crete. 2--British troops enter Baghdad. 8--Allied Forces enter Syria. July 14--Syria signs Armistice. August 10--Mr. Churchill and President Roosevelt meet on the "Prince of Wales". 14--Announcement of the Atlantic Charter. November 14--Aircraft-carrier "Ark Royal" sunk. 25--H.M.S. "Barham" sunk. December 7--Japanese aircraft attack Pearl Harbour. 10--H.M.S. "Repulse" and "Prince of Wales" sunk by Japanese dive-bombers. 11--Germany and Italy declare War on America.