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DIARY OF THE WAR--continued.


1942 January 1--Combined Forced Raid on the Lofoten Islands off Norway. 2--Bardia is taken by Allied Forces. February 12--Battle of the Straits of Dover began. 15--Singapore surrendered. 27--Battle of the Java Sea. March 9--Java and Rangoon lost to the Japanese. 28--Commandos landed at St. Nazaire and destroyed the lock gates. April 10--Aircraft-carrier "Hermes" sunk. 16--Malta received the George Cross. May 4--Beginning of the Battle of the Coral Sea. 5--British troops occupy Madagascar. June 21--Tobruk fell to enemy troops. August 9--American Forces re-take Guam. 12--Aircraft-carrier H.M.S. "Eagle" sunk. 19--Combined Operations Raid on Dieppe. October 23--Battle of El Alamein. November 8--American and British troops land in North Africa. 27--Scuttling of French warships at Toulon.

1943 January 23--British troops enter Tripoli. 31--Annihilation of German troops at Stalingrad. March 23--Eighth Army attack the Mareth Line. May 7--Bizerta and Tunis are captured. 17--Moehn and Eder Dams breached. June 11--Pantellaria surrendered. July 10--Allied troops invade Sicily. August 17--Messina entered; all resistance ended. 23--Russians re-capture Kharkov. 28--All Japanese troops cleared from New Guinea. September 3--Allied Forces cross the Straits of Messina and land in Italy. 8--Italy surrendered. 25--Russians capture Smolensk. October 1--Naples is occupied. 7--Russian Forces crossed the Dnieper. 13--Italy declared war on Germany. November 6--Russians re-take Kiev. December 3--The Big Three meet at Teheran. 26--German battleship "Scharnhorst" sunk.

[photograph] MARSHAL J. V. STALIN