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DIARY OF THE WAR--continued.

1944 January 24--Anzio is captured. February 1--American Forces land on the Marshall Islands. 16--American Forces attack Truk. May 9--Russian troops re-take Sebastopol. June 5--Allied Forces occupy Rome. 6--Allied Forces invade France, landing on the beaches of Normandy. 13--First Flying-bomb launched against England. 27--Cherbourg taken. August 23--Paris is liberated. September 3--Brussels is liberated. 10--Luxembourg liberated. 11--American Forces invade Germany. 12--Harve capitulated. 17--Airborne landing at Arnhem. 19--Brest surrendered. October 1--Calais taken by Allied Forces. November 10--First V.2. landed in England. 12--R.A.F. sink the "Tirpitz". December 3--"Stand Down" of the Home Guard.



1945 January 17--Russians liberate Warsaw February 7--Big Three Meeting at Yalta. March 20--Mandalay re-taken by Allied Forces. 23--British troops cross the Rhine. April 12--Death of President Roosevelt. 26--Bremen surrenders to the British Second Army. 29--Venice and Milan captured. German armies surrendered in Italy; Benito Mussolini executed. May Fourteenth Army enter Rangoon 3--Hamburg captured by British troops. 4--Unconditional surrender of German troops in Holland, Denmark and North-west Germany. 7--Unconditional surrender of all German troops. 8--"VE-Day". Official end of hostilities with Germany. July 17--Big Three at Potsdam Meeting. 21--Victory Parade at Berlin. August 6--Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima. 9--Second atomic bomb, dropped on Nagusaki [Nagasaki]. 14--Japan surrendered unconditionally September 1--"V.J.-Day" Proclaimed.