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Sr. At the Govers return home I humbly pray you to lay before his Hono: & Council of State the Affairs of Essex County and what Dificultyes [illegible] Office of Sheriff Place the Peoples inclinations are so great against the tobacco law that they have not meet [illegibpay their dues so all are [illegible] payd except such small part of his majesties, they further signifid their [disatisfac?] by burning [out?] of Mr. Bucknor storehouse with sound job. and his seal with so [ms.?] [Jans?] not capable having [recd?] no agents no aly nor gilly to pay his honod the govenor and Mr secretary nor no publicity nor county creditor [unless?] the law is put in execution by distress, they further signified their [low?] intention to the law by running away with their [job?] to buyers so up in near if not quit all sold, so the consideration is so great up on my part my credit estate and somthing [few?] perhapps more and allowable [illegible] at stake, consider w.t the goverm.t may prudently think relates to the country in [gon.ll?] [s.ts?] my stay hass been a [cong?] [illegible] as [illegible] and is being uncertain when I can go here should waits longer but hope you will lay the whole case before their hono.d [illegible] Se Yo: Most Humble Serv.t Leo. Tarent April 15: 1715