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Sr. At the Govers return home I humbly pray you to lay before his Hono: & Council of State the Affairs of Essex County and what Dificultyes [illegible] Office of Sheriff Place the Peoples inclinations are so great against the tobacco law that they have not meet [illegible] pay their deeds so yt all are unpayd except some small part of his majesties, they further signifie their Disatisfaction by burning one of Mr. Bucknor storehouses with sound Tobo. and his [illegible] so yt. I am not capable having recd. no Agents at all nor bills to pay his honor: the Govenor & Mr. Secretary nor no Publick nor County Creditor unless the law is put in Execution by Distress, They further Signifie their Evil Intention to the law by running away with their Tobo. to buyers so yt: its near if not quit all sold, so the Consideration is so graeat yt: on

publicity nor county creditor [unless?] the law is put in execution by distress, they further signified their [low?] intention to the law by running away with their [job?] to buyers so up in near if not quit all sold, so the consideration is so great up on my part my credit estate and somthing [few?] perhapps more and allowable [illegible] at stake, consider w.t the goverm.t may prudently think relates to the country in [gon.ll?] [s.ts?] my stay hass been a [cong?] [illegible] as [illegible] and is being uncertain when I can go here should waits longer but hope you will lay the whole case before their hono.d [illegible] Se Yo: Most Humble Serv.t Leo. Tarent April 15: 1715