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Brown vs. Edwards 168 ____asee [assignee] & vs. Laine ib [ibid] ____do [ditto] vs do ib Benson vs Arrosmith ib Bell & Uxr. vs. Shelton 169 Bredwell vs Taylor ib Byram vs. Williams ib Brookes vs. Hughes 170 Betsell vs. Markham 171 Brown vs. Jeffries ib Brown vs. Several ib Burroughs vs. Hardy ib Burnet & Uxr. vs. Cox's Exors. ib Brents Exors vs. Roe 172 Bridge Accokick repaired 173 Ball Wm. Ov [Overseer] Road ib Bussle Benjn. do 175 Benson Wm. [Dursts?] Est. retd. 176 Battalys [Battaleys] Exors vs. Foushee ib Betsell vs Markham 176 Brooke to Stringfellow Decd. 177 Bredwell Exors. qualify'd 179 _______apprasrs. appd. ib Brent Roberts accts. settled 180 Bredwell's Est divided 181 Bredwell Jacob set Levy free ib Bayne vs. Several 184 Baily vs Phillips 185 do. vs. Sprigg ib Ballard vs. Sharpe ib Brents Exx. [Executrix] vs Hunter 186 Buchanan vs. Tyler ib Barkley vs Sprigg ib Bruce vs Peyton 187 Brookes vs [Sturdys?] Exrs ib Byram vs Fristoe ib


Brooke vs O W [Overwharton] Vestry 189 Bulloch Sam charged as a nuisance 190 Bredwells [illegible] returned ib Berry vs Thornly 192 Brent vs Markham 196 Bostick Danl. to Serve his master ib Burnet Wm Oversr road 198 Bullitt vs Edrington ib Brown R Traverse nomd. magistrate 201 Brent vs Markham 202 Butler vs Cox ib Bronaugh to pay Lee for 3 days attendce. 203 _______pay Mattison do ib Boon vs Pollard 204 Baker vs Baker 205 Bullitt vs Carter ib Bronaugh vs Doniphan 206 Bronaugh vs Doniphan 206 [sic] Brown vs Several ib ______do 207 Bell & Uxr.vs Shelton ib ______pay several as attendants 208 Bredwell vs Taylor 208 Bunet et Uxr. vs Edwards ib Betsell vs Markham 209 Brent vs Peytons adx. 210 Burroughs vs Hardy ib Bells adr. qualify'd 209 Brents Exrs. vs Wroe 211 Battleys [Battaleys] Exors Foushee 212 Brown John quald. as Justice ib