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Harrington, John: Naturalization Record, Henrico County

John Harrington (an alien) report of himself 1836 February Report made and recorded.

I john Harrington make the following report of myself to the County of Henrico in the State of Virginia, that is to say, I report that I was born in the county of Cork, in Ireland, on the 1st of November 1788, being now in the 48th year of my age, that I am a subject of the King of Great Britain, owing allegiance to that monarch and none other; that I migrated from Ireland to the united Stated, in the year 1818, and that I have resided in the State of Virginia, one of the United States of America from the time of my arrival to the present time; and that I have settled myself in the City of Richmond in the State aforesaid. Given under my hand this 4th day of January 1836.

John Harrington