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C Page

Collins Thomas appd. Picker Tobo. Falmo. 88 Chapman vs Lee 89 Certificate in favor Edwd Mountjoy 90 Cary Edwards Ordn'y Licence granted ib [ibid] Cropp vs Gregg 92 _____vs Cary and Richards ib Certificates impd. property ib Cox Sarah vs Cox Exrs. 93 Certificates Impd. pro recd. ibA _____in favor T Daniel 94 _____do [ditto] property use ye [illegible] 95 Clerks Tobacco rated 96 Cary Edwards acct. to be settled as [illegible] 97 Clerk an allowance made for tax [lists?] ibd Cary Edward[s] appd. Comssr. Land tax 100 Comrs. Land Tax qualify'd ib Cary Edwards accts. as received [illegible] 101 Certificates Impd. propty. recd ib ______do. [illegible] ib Clerks services relt. to tax list rated 104 Craighill vs Carter 105 _______vs Lawson 107 Clung Wm. and Jacob bound out 108 Carter to Primm Decd ib do. Holloway ib do Godly ib do Branson ib do Green ib Comssrs. Land make return 110 Carr & Co va Franklin 112 _______vs Jordan ib _______vs Bell ib Cliftons Orphans vs Cliftons Exrs. 113 Carter vs Carters Exrs. 115 Chadwell vs Murphy 114 Carter vs Carter 115 Campbell vs Fitzhugh 116 Carr & Copy [Company] vs several 116 & 117

C Courts vs [Fewel?] 117 Chambers vs Vowles 120 Cox vs Coxs admx. ibid Chambers vs Welford 121 Cooke vs Rogers ibid Chapman vs Lee ibid Cropp vs Gregg 121 do vs Cary ib Craighill vs Lawson 122 Craighill vs Carter 123 Carr and Co. vs Ralls Exrs. 125 do vs Edwards ib Carter Charles Shff Bond 158 do. Escheat bond 159 Cliftons Exors vs Clifton 167 Carter vs Carter ib Carter vs Carters Exrs. ib do. vs do. 168 Combs cs English's Admx. ib Carr & Co. vs Several ib Chambers vs Vowles 169 Craighill vs Lawson 170 Carr & Co vs Bell ib Chambers vs Welford 171 Cooke vs Rogers 172 Chapman vs Lee ib Cropp vs Gregg ib Cropp vs Cary ib Cary Edwards Accts. Exad. 175 Chinns [Ivoy?] retd 179 Carter {Painter?] [illegible] to Shinn Decd ib Carnell and Garrard to Cansbrough ib Chapmans Ordy Licence renewed ib Cooke Elizah. [Elizabeth] will proved 180