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Be it Remembered, that, at a Supreme Court held at the City of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, on the thirtieth day of December A.D. 1823 Gennarino Persico, an Alien in conformity with the Act of Congress, in such case made and provided, reports himself as follows: he is a native of Louisiana -- was born at New Orleans -- is aged twenty six years, and upwards, and owes allegiance to the King of Naples -- he migrated from Leghorn and the place of his intended settlement, is Philadelphia.

[Seal embossed] In Testimony whereof, I, W.R. Atlee Prothonotary of the said Court, have hereunto set my hand, and affixed the Seal of the said Court, this thirtieth day of December A.D. 1823

Wm R. Atlee Prothy