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12 C Page Craighill vs Carter 182 Cary report of this Comps. acct. 185 Carr and Co vs Several 180 Champan vs Waller ib Carborrer's adv. vs Brents adv. ib Cannady [illegible] vs Lee 187 Clifton and C vs Clifton 189 Carr and Co vs Garrison 204 Cox vs Butler ib Certificates military 191 Chadwell assec. and Co. vs Cox 196 do vs Peyton ib do vs Sullivan ib Carr and Co vs Carter ib Calmeege to Phillips BS 197 do to Hardwig lease ib Chinn John set Seuq free 198 Crapp John Overseer road ib Chinns Inventory returned 200 Carter [illegible] to Hade decd. ib Chadwell vs Cox 202 do vs Peyton ib do vs Sullivan ib Carr and co vs Carters adr. ib Cummins adr. qualifyd 203 Carr and Co. vs Grught 204 Chadwell vs Withers ib Casson vs Cox 205 Carter vs Carter ib Carter vs Carter ib Clifton vs Clifton 206 Carter vs Carter Exrs. ib

C Page Carter vs Carter 206 Combs English J ib Chambers vs Welford 209 Crop vs Gregg 211 Carter vs Peyton's adc. 213 Carr and Co vs Several ib Clifton returns his Guardian acct. 215 Combs and [illegible] to Combs Decd. 218 Cummins Moses appt. retd. ib Clerk allowance made time 219 Cary vs Richards 223 Chapman vs Waller 228 Carr and Co vs Carter 229 Chadwell asse. vs Peyton ib Chadwell vs Withers and Edwards 231 Cox vs Butler ib Carter vs Carter 232 Chambers vs Melford 235 Carr and Co vs Chinns adv. ib Carter vs Carter Exrs. 236 Carr and Co vs Ralls 237 Certificates in favor Gerrard 244 Cummins adm. acct. settled 246 Carr and Co vs Knights adc. 250 Same in Ralls 251 Courtney vs Alesander ib Chandler vs Barnwell 252 Court House to be built ib Cummins acct. settlement 255 Carter vs Wullen 259 Chander vs Barnwell ib