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11 o'clock Wednesday Dear Boozie - (husband) You should have gotten the cookies by the time you get this - that is, if Ellis mailed them - He went off about 10 in a storm - the Swing Club is spending the day at Va. Beach, and going to the Surf Club this afternoon - so you can imagine his state! The postman brought your letter up here, and I'm glad because Mother and I are stranded today with no car - Dorie said if I got one down there she'd send it to me - I tell you, Dorie's my pal! I'm already consumed with curiosity about the surprise - I can't imagine what you could have found up there to make into a surprise - When will I know? If you would give me a little hint that would help a lot - Morgan did a good deed last night - He took the "widow woman" (as he calls me) to see "Dodge City" along with him and Beulah - We had a good time together - and I appreciated it a lot - I was almost in bed when Ellis