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came up with a chocolate milk - He said, "Well, I have to take care of you, Woman" - I don't think he's teasing me, after all - He always takes me back to the kitchen before we go to bed, fixes choc. milks, and when we're finished he says, "Come on, Woman, let's go to bed" - Abe is cleaning house, so I had to empty my closet this morning - I took your old letters down and started tieing them better - I got to reading them and had a good time for about an hour - You wrote good letters your first year in med. school - I felt differently about all your letters - I understand you better now, and they mean a lot to me - But I'm so glad it's like it is now - Like you said, our letters have a different meaning now - I'm glad that I'm your wife - In fact, I just had to put Mrs. F. L. Raiford on your package because I'm so proud of it! I like to see it in your handwriting - Dorie is better today - She spent yesterday afternoon in bed, but was up and down at the hospital by 9 o'clock this morning - Do you like military by now - think you'll make a good soldier? I'll be getting up at 5 (E.S.T.) gives you an appetite