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and makes you ready for bed early! You'll be so healthy when you get back! - if you don't chew too much tobacco - I still wash my face good, and use Chamberlain's (I got another bottle) instead of those creams, cucumber emulsion, etc. It's working alright so far - And you see, I haven't gotten chicken on you, either - Did you ever get a hat to fit? Flip says their hats are like our Girl Scout hats used to be - I hope they aren't quite that bad! I haven't seen Vaughan since you left - And just got a glimpse of Speck at the hospital - I've spent all my time with Dorie or at home - I did get to give Daddy a short concert Saturday night - as usual, he dozed in his chair until I stopped - then he awoke with a snort! Tickles me - I don't see why you snore so much - You don't when you sleep with me! I have a red-hot arm today, too - Miss Nance gave me a typhoid shot yesterday, and it's angry now! I miss you so much, and love you - so much! Woman (your wife)