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1 o'clock Thursday - Dear Boozie - I was "office girl" again this morning - Morgan gave me a job to do and I messed around generally - I like to be down there in the office, seeing people - I filed a lot of salpingectomies and sutured some fractures - cases of cervicitis are quite frequent, also - Got mixed up on a case stated "fracture of rt. leg and foot," and files were headed fracture: tibia, fibia, humerus, femur - etc. I didn't even know which was the leg! Hap had an idea - Miss Ellis didn't know, either - I'm terribly ignorant! Mary Liz came off duty at 12 - She had been on since 12 last night with a bad accident case - She must be used to it 'cause she didn't look tired - I'll bet she was glad to be called - Two deposits came back today - Dorie thought I had better send the checks to you so you could endorse them & return them - Then they'll go in the bank - Every little bit helps - Morgan and I were wondering at supper last night if you were trying to make any money on the side up