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there - they say it's the chief pasttime at camp! Watch your luck - you can't afford to lose any! Dorie sent for me yesterday afternoon - she was at home - we got out the family kodak books and looked at all the old pictures - Pop said he's still proud of his picture in his football uniform - I stayed until after supper - Ellis stopped by when he got back from Va. Beach - Dorie and I were having a bull session - I'll tell you about it when you get back - Incidentally, how am I going to guess that surprise unless you give me some hints? It won't hurt just to give one or two little ones - 'cause I haven't the slightest idea! Come on, be a good sport! Is it a good one? I'm going to Suffolk with Virginia this afternoon - to a tea being given for Luther Rice Edward's fiancee - I got out my wedding dress to get rid of some wrinkles - Mother wants to take some snapshots of that dress - Guess what Dorie was using yesterday to water with - the sprinkler you made - She said it worked fine - She put it on the top terrace next the fence, and the water would run down to the bottom, soaking as it went -