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Dorie and I thought of going to the show tonight - but any night will do, you know - I'm quite in demand, Boozie - Dorie says "You're coming down to the hospital, aren't you" or "Come to see me tonight - come have supper" - and when I get ready to leave, Mother says "I'll be expecting you back for supper"! See one reason why I am busy sure 'nough? But I wish you were here - My poor h.p. misses you so - and so does all of me! I'm not very crazy about being a "widow woman" - When Dave and i were looking at your pictures yesterday I wanted to see you so badly! You'll probably get this on Saturday - Do you have anything to do on Saturdays? Do you get mail on Sundays? Have you been golfing some more? Your description of the surrounding country sounds mighty pretty - Don't forget to send the checks back - I love you, Boozie - Woman