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To the Hon the Governor and Councill of Virginia. We the subscribers in behalf of our selves and seaverall others the inhabitants of this County of Fairfax do humbly beg leave to represent that whereas a complaint hath been exhibited in the court of the said county against John Turley and Edward Washington inspectors at Occoquan Warehouse in the aforsaid county for [males?] administration of their offices and commissions have been and appointed and depositions taken pursuant to the act of generall assembly in that case made and provided by which depositions it apears that the said inspectors have been guilty of sundry misdemeanors in the execution of their said offices: Since the taking of which depositions the said inspectors have got a petition directed to your honours subscribed by sundry of the inhabitants of the said county jusifying their conduct in their said offices many of which subscribers are persons no way interested in the affair and never brought any tobacco to the said warehouse we therefore humbly hope that the said petition will not be of any weight with your honours but that we and seaverall others who lives contiguous to the said warehouse and have some of us received such unjust treatment from the said John Turley inparticular that we are obliged to carry our tobacco to another warehouse a much greater distance to avoid his unjustly condemning the same and by the influance which he has over the said toward Washington prevailing with him to agree with him therein may be believed by the [removall?] of the said inspectors and suplying their places with persons of more hosty and impartiallity