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A Stated Account of the bills of Charges of the Indian Warriors on their travells to Warr 1747

May of 17th to maintaining 50 Indians two days Septbr 1st to do 16 Indians twelve days

to do pd 16 Indians on their returns one Day

28th to maintaining 9 Indians one day Decbr 26 to maintaining 3 Indians three days

1748 Septbr 24th to maintaining 13 Indians one day Octbr 24 to maintaining 10 Indians one Day 1748/9 [to 4?] maintaining 10 Indians on their return 3 days January 1st: to Do 19 Indians - - - - - 1 day to Do 39 Indians - - - - 1 day

1749 May 6th to Maintaining 39 Indians on their return 1 day to Maintaining 54 Indians 2 days 10 to maintaining 14 of ye sd 94 Indians on their return 23 days to Maintaining 35 Indians on their return 35 days Septbr #29 to Maintaining 19 Indians two days Octbr 15th to Do 19 Indians two days also 5 Indians one day on ye 16th October Novbr 12th to Maintaining 18 Indians one day also Novbr 28th 78 INdians one day Decbr ye 20th to maintaining 12 Indians three days 1749/50th February of 4 to maintaining 19 Indians one day to do 13 Indians one day March 7 to maintaining 25 Indians one day 8 to maintaining 46 Indians 33 days 1750 April 20 to maintaining 10 Indians which yet continued at my house Augusta County [Iowih] This day came Archibald Armstrong before and John Lewis one of his Matios [Jrefried] force peacd of the said county and made oath that he had received nosatis faction forys above account certifyed u der my hand this 30 day of Mayd 1750 John Lewis