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To the Honorable the Judge of the Circiut Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the liberty of Amelia: to wit:

Humbly complaining shew unto your Honor your Orators Billy Burkes John and William Peyton, also have of their [leart?] [leiry?] first had [illegible] [traineu?] sue in [ferma?][pauperum?] that they were slaves of Thomas Blankenship late of the County of Amelia and now deceased: that by his last Will and Testament which has been duly admitted to [prevail?] by the County Court of Amelia an official [refry?] of [alu is herewith [fiau?] on [?] of this [?] the said Blankenship emancipated your Orators: that besides emancipating them he gave them by the same claims of his will, the 2nd claims, a legacy of fifty dollars each and directed his [Exam?] to invest $250 in land for [iturn?] in care of the new slave [hiloiry?] Sluler and to pay their compense in giving to the same: At least [sneli?] in the [construction?] and proper usery [itu?] nice as your Orator are curisca: After giving off some [?] agencies the [Tertales?] [cucisia?] [ara?] [leguea?] There thus reside if his Estate to the children of [Elffera?] a husband who at the time making his will as [?] of his death [whe?] [?] J. [Kepred?] A. Eegbur T. Lysander Flechsens