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[Left Side of Page] Hope that he would be permitted forever to enjoy that inestimable boon which the humanity of his late Master so benevolently designed and which the humanity of the Laws had secured to persons in your Orators situation. But now so it is may it please the Court an Execution has been lately said out of this Court upon a Judgment therein obtained by one Alexander Crawford against John Quarles as Executor of the last Will & Testament of said John Peyton deceased for a debt said to have been contracted by your Orators late Master previous to his emancipation of his slaves and it being pretended that there are no Assets in the hands of said Executor and that therefore under the Law your Orator is liable for payment of said debt, said Executor has been levied on your Orator and he is now advertised to be sold to satisfy the same. When your Orator does in fact aver & will be able to prove that his late Master left property independant [independent] of the slaves after their title to freedom accrued more than sufficient to have answered all demands against said estate if the assets which came to hands of said Executor had been properly applied. Your Orator states that said Executor has never settled any account of the admin of said assetts [assets] and he has reason to believe there are yet assetts [assets] in his hands which ought to be applied in discharge of the Execution aforesaid and if so your Orator conceives it would be highly iniquitous that your Orator should be deprived of the blessing of liberty and again be made to become a Slave whilst said Executor might so easily and with so much justice & humanity too, discharge [Right Side of Page] All due debts against said estate. Your Orator is advised that it is a settled rule or principle in the Courts of equity that the rights of liberty shall not be infringed in this way until it is seen upon a full settlement of the Executorship or Admr. of the deceased who may have emancipated Slaves that all assets are first duly applied & fully administered. Your Orator therefore Prays the interposition of this Worshipful Court in his behalf and that the Execution aforesaid be enjoyed as respects your Orator until said Quarles shall settle an Account of his Exorship aforesaid which your Orator prays he may be compelled to do before a master Comr. of this Court. Your Orator states that he has understood that the exor. aforesaid levied on your Orators body has [illegible page folded] said Crawford to a certain Elijah May. He therefore prays that said Crawford, May & Quarles as exor. aforesaid may be made defts. hereto & compelled to answer the premises on oath and that the Court will make rule order & decree in the premises as justice & equity may declare require and grant to your Orator the Comlth's. writ of Spa. etc.