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To the Worshipfull Court of Loudon County in Chancery sitting humbly complaining sheweth unto your Worships your oratrix Fender a pauper that on or about the 17th day of April in the year 1818 a certain William Jenkins whom she prays may be made a Defendant to this Bill agrees that your oratrix would pay him the sum of three hundred Dollars in two payments one hundred and fifty Dollars to be paid at the end of six months and the ballance at the end of the year he would give her a good right to her Freedom or will appear by the Document hereto annexed and marked No 1. Your oratrix further sheweth that the let him said Defendant have property to the amount of said sums of money and if I said Defendant refuses to give here a good right to her Freedom. All which actions and doings of said Defendant are contrary to a guilty and good conscious And Finds to the manifest wrong and opinion of your oratix. She therefore prays that Defendant may be declared to execute to her a good right to her Freedom and that the Court will make such other Decree