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The Demurrer of William Jenkins to the bill of complaint of Fendon a pauper complainant This Defendant's protestation, not confessing all or any of these matters or things by said {illegible} set for the {illegible} and complained of to be true in manner as to form as the same are herein {illegible} set for this or the {illegib;e}. saith he is advised by his counsel that there no matter or thing in said bill contains good sufficient in law to call this defendant to question in this {illegible} court for the same, but that there is good cause of Demurrer thereunto, are far excede of Demurrer this {illegible} out oaith that the complainants bill of the statements therein made un true with which this defendant in no sort admits, entertains not any matter of equity whereas this court can grant a Decree, is given the complainant {illegible} relief or assistance, as against him. the Defendant is herefor and for discuss other errors and imperfections in {illegible} bill appearing the Defendant to the Demeurer in law thereunto; and humbly demands the judgment of this {illegible} court {illegible} she will be compelled to put in any {illegible} other {illegible} to the {illegible} bill; and humbly begs to be hence dismissed with her costs in this {illegible} of most wrongfully sustained.- Anderson(?) for Defendant