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children from being in any manner chargeable to the said Stephen and faithfully preferred his said contract as to them so that the said Stephen your oratrix’s master was fully satisfied with the said performance until the said children were about six months old, at which time the said Osborn own children (or some of them) finding your oratrix’s said children were very promising children and that she might have several more, they commenced making offers to their said father Stephen Osburn to purchase them from him but finding they could not succeed, they proceeded to drive the said Austin day from the said Stephens plantation by cursing and abusing of him, pissing on him, and threatening him with horrid imprecations and ruin if he did not leave their said fathers plantation and give up all claim to those your oratrix’s children as free persons, in so much that they drove off the said Austin and compiled him for his own safety to quit the said Stephen’s said plantation and form, greatly against the will of both the said Austin and the said Stephen and much to their primary loss She further states that the said Austin being unwilling to part foremost his children as that they should be slaves and, finding that he would be obliged to quit said contract and leave

[Right Side of Page] leave said plantation because the said Stephen’s children seemed so determined to destroy him or drive him off, and that the said Stephen had become so old and infirm that he could not prevent it (being about 80 years old) he gave the said Stephen forty five dollars in silver and took his promise that they should be set free by his will which he said he would do by altering the will in [illegible] [Fullius?] hands which the said Stephen fully intended to do, and sent for Mr. [Fulling?] several times, but something prevented his coming until at length the said Stephen died and on his death bed when he discovered that he would go soon he strove to tell about the freedom of the sd. children but his sons presents would not let him speak knowing what he intended to say She further states that since that time by the last will of her said master the said Stephen, she has obtained her freedom but by a suit brought by the heirs and children of the said Stephen to cancel the said will of the said Stephen she is thrown into such difficulties that she has not had it in her power to see justice done to her said two children namely, James Washington and Lucinda, and the said Austin day has removed to the state of