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Know all men by these presents that i John Daton of Hampshire County in Virginia for & in the consideration of five shilling current mony if Virginia to me in hand paid by Arthur Roberts of Accomack County in Virg. a planter whereof I DO Hereby acknowledge the Receipt whereof & my self therewith fully sattisfyed Have Bargained Sold Set over & Delivered & by these presents in plain and open order acknowledge in Due form of the law in that case made & provided. do bargain Sell Set over Deliver unto the said Arthur Roberts one [negror?] man named Lundon formerly the property of a certain John Savage of Hampshire County. To have and to Hold the said [Henby?] Granted Slave unto the said Arthur Roberts. to the only proper use & behoof of the said Arthur Roberts for my self my Heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns the said Bargained premisses unto the Said Arthur Roberts & against all & all Manner of persons Whatsoever shall & will warrent and forever Defend by these presence in witness when I Have set my hand & seal Together with the Delivery of the afsd.Bargained premises. This 8th Day of November 1788 Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of us} John Smith Arthur Roberts

John Daton {seal}

London 54 Papers Kellam March 1790 Cmmisn AR