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To do herself justice on that trial and the he thought it best, to [illegible] her cause when the question, whether this [court?] did right in making the order which was made herein on the day of April 1813, whereby a new trial was granted to the defendants. The court on consideration of the motion aforesaid being of opinion that the conduct of the plaintiff in refusing to go trial, as aforesaid is an entire abandonment, of the privilege granted her by the aforesaid order of the 5th day of August eighteen hundred and eleven- and therefore [pertaining?] the said motion, doth order that the order made as aforesaid on the said fifth of August be rescinded- And this cause coming in by [illegible] for final hearing- it is further adjudged ordered and decreed that the injunction granted the said plaintiff, be dissolved that [Hr?] and her children be redelivered by said Gaines to the deft Idle, and that her bill and petition be dismissed-

[written 90 degrees counterclockwise] Idle etc ads Hagar} decree to be entered