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page 1 The affidavit of Thomas Patten Mack Johnson & others taken before me John A Grigg a Justice for the county of Grayson at the Dwelling House of Robert Nickolls in the Town of Greensville in the County of Grayson on the 25th day of June 1811 to be read in the District Court of Chancery holden at Staunton as evidence in a suit now Depending in said Court between Hager a Woman of Colour plaintiff & Fredrick Idle & Robert Crockett defendants after being duly sworn on the Holy evangelists of almighty God Deposeth and sayeth Question by the Deft Idle, how long did you hear John Patten & George Jones talk of moving before they did move T Pattens Answer I Cannot say Qu. same do you think Phillip Gaines Counsel Caused John Pattten to remove same Anser. I think it was Qu same. did you you not hear John Patten & George Jones say they sold their Part in Hager to Philip Gaines & for what Sum answer I heard them say they sold their Part to Philip Gaines for eighty Dollars each & Gaines was to run all risque Qu by same did you not hear said Idle & George Jones Sr. Little & that said Jones Paid said Idle seventeen Dollars to the best of your recollection & als that Minetree Jones Fredrick Idle Allen Barber Wm [Caricco?] Thomas Patten & Isaac Gantson all Joined & did Pay said Jones's prison fees & at what time same answer I did & in the Month of October 1810 to the best of my recollection