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5 Qu. Same What is Philip Gaines,s General Character as a man of truth Ans. Same Very bad & further saith not Allen Barby Que by the Deft. Frederick Idle how long did you hear George Jones & John Patten talk of moving before they did move J. Baker { Ans. I have heard him Gaines talk of moving twelve months before he did move as for John Patten five or six weeks before he moved. Qn Same. What do you think was the motive of George Jones & John Patten for moving. Ans Same for the purpose of going to a better Country Qn. Same do you know of any undue influence used by any person with the Court to prejudice Hager in her trial for her freedom Ans. Same I do not but to the reverse I know the Court laid over her cause from morning till Evening with a view for her to get her affairs ready for trial Qn by same What is Philip Gaines's General Character as a man of truth? Ans. Same I believe him to be a man of truth & further saith not John Baker Qn. by the Deft. Idle was you acting sheriff at last March Quartely term for the County of Grayson A. Jones } Ans. I was Qn. same do you know of any undue influence by any person used with the Court to prejudice Hager from a fair trial in her suit for her freedom Ans. same I do not Qn by same Wheather it was not the General belief of people that Philip Gaines [swore?] the peace