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Brooks v Brooks & Leroy a pauper v Brooks adm } These causes came on this day to be heard upon the papers formerly read and the report of John Thompson appointed to hire out the slave Lewy dated the 21st May 1846 whereby it appears that there is in the hands of the said John Thompson of the hires of the said slave the sum of $ sixty five and that there is due for the said hire for the year $ 1846 the sum of $65. The Court doth adjudge order and decree that the said John Thompson after deducting from the amount in his hand the sum of $5 for his trouble in hiring out the said slave and collecting the proceeds of his hire do pay over the debt to Meshach Hicks administrator of Fielding Brooks the sum of $60 and the court doth farther adjudge order and decree that the said John Thompson do proceed to collect the hires of the said slave Lewy for the year 1846 if the same has not been collected and after deducting therefrom the sum of $5. & pay over the balance of the said hires to the said defendant, in part satisfaction of the sum of $125. with the interest due thereon which was ascertained by the decree of this court made in those causes on the

      day of April 1846 to be due to the said defendant beside and alone the amount thereby decreed to be paid by the Plff James M Payne exor of Thomas Brooks to the said defendant.