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Brooks exor vs Brook's admr } Copy Order Brooks Exor vs Brooks Admr } In A Supr Ct of Law & Chy for Goochland County The parties interested in the within cause will take notice that I have appointed Thursday the 29th day of June next at Georges Tavern in the County of Goochland between the hours of 10 oclock A M & 6 oclock P.M. of that day as the time & place for taking the account directed in the within order when & where the parties are requested to attend with the necessary vouchers to enable me to take said account. Given under my hand this 15th May 1843 W M Bryan, Mas. Commr. of sd Court We acknowledge service of the within order of Court & the above notice J. M. Payne, M Hicks 12th June 1843 Continued to 14th July 1843, W M. Bryan, Comr.