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Answer. Always, no other person ever paid me a cent on his account. And further this deponent saith not. Joseph Perkins The foregoing deposition was taken signed and sworn to before me a justice of the peace in & for the county of Goochland this 16th Oct. 1837 Wm. F. Carter The deposition of James M Payne of lawful age taken at Goochland CH on Monday the 16th day of October 1837 agreeably to notice to be read as evidence in a suit now depending in the Circuit Supr. Court of Law & Chancery for Goochland Cty. in which Thomas Brooks Sr is pltff and Michack Hicks admr. of Fielding Brooks deceased is Defendt This Deponent being first duly sworn according to law answerith & saith Question by the pltff. How long have you known the pltff in this cause? Answer. all my life Question by same. Have you known him intimately Answer. Yes very intimately. Question by same. Do you know whether Mr. Brooks has supplied himself with the necessaries of life since you knew him or has he been supported by any other person Answer I believe he has allways supplied himself nor do I believe he has been supported by anyone Question by same. Is not Mr. Brooks a very infirm man. Answer. He is a very old man & both his sight & hearing are very much impaired. He can scarcely be made to understand anything. Question by the same. Have you considered him capable of making any bargain for the last 3 or four years? Answer. I think him wholly incapable of making any bargain during that time his memory as well as all other faculties are very much impaired And further this deponent saith not. J M Payne The foregoing deposition was taken sworn to and signed before me a justice of the peace in and for the county of Goochland this 16 day of Octo. 1837. Wm F. Carter