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Brooks ads Brooks admr To the report made by Commr Woodson filed in this case on the 15th March 1841 the defendant excepts 1 Because the decre order under which Commr Woodson acted was directed to be executed by Commr J. B. Ferguson. 2 Because the evidence upon which the report was made is not filed with it and consequently the court 7 the parties can not ascertain whether the report is supported by or contradicted by the testimony 3 because there is no account taken of the hires & services of the slaves which have been recd by Thomas Brooks in his life time nor of the supplies furnished by Cosby at the instance of Fielding Brooks to the said Thomas vide: the dept of G. W. Payne & J. P. Cosby nor of the articles other than the slaves which are mentioned in the deed filed by com [illegible] & which were [illegible] by Thomas Brooks during his life & [illegible] to [illegible] 4 because no account is made [illegible] on the [illegible] of the report of the expense of support for the testator & his wife during the wife's life nor of the testator since the wife's death to the period of his death. 5 Because the report is incorrect in every particular. the charge for maintenance & support of Thomas Brooks & wife were if defend intestate was bound for it is too great. 6. Because the report is wholly erroneous incomplete & insufficient Bryon Counsel for Deft 23d Sepr 1841