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William Elbzey, Sybil Beckith, Susannah Dulin, Edward L. Blackbrim, Tho. Blackburn, Charles Dubin and "[illegible]" his wife Elizabeth Elbzey, Mary Elbzey, Sarah Elbzey, Lewis Elbzey, Catharine Harrison, Margaret H. Rupel, Elizabeth Armistead, Mary Armistead Lewis, E. Turner, Vincent Turner, Thomazin and Mary his wife, John "[illegible]" and "[illegible]" his wife, Joseph Perr and Elizabeth his wife "[Patricia?]" Gill, Thomazin Grayson, Henry Grayson, Catharine Grayson, Lydia Grayson, John Lilles and Nancy his wife late Nancy Grayson. Elizabeth Grayson, William Grayson, Maria Grayson, Reuben Grayson and Felix Grayson children of Ambrose Grayson "[illegible]" William "[Turner?]", William "[Turner]", son of John, Robert "[Wolch?]" and Mary his wife, Thomas Nelson and Margaret his wife, Jeremiah Motley and Sarah his wife Thomas Beaty. Polly Beaty Wm Beaty, Sally Beaty, Lee and Nancy his wife, Joseph Wilson and Ann his wife. James Hopewood, John Hopewood, Zachariah Holsey and Mary his wife, John P Clark, Wm. "[illegible]" and Elizabeth his wife Thomazin Porter, Edward Porter