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To the worshipful court of Maddison County [Siting?] in [illegible] humbly complaining shew unto your worships your orators and oratrixes Agga, Alen, Sophinia, Soloman, Phil, Lancaster, David, and Caesar, who were the spaces and only slaves of a certain Randalph Segar decd who being [illegible] and possessed of a considerable landed and personal estate as well as your orators and oratrixes departed this life, some time about the year 1795 having previously made his will in which he emancipated your complts among other things- and appointed Wm and John Segar his exors, that Wm Segar alone took after himself the execution of his will and possessed himself of your complts- that the consequence of the petition of your complts this worshipful court did appoint them counsel and direct a suit to be commenced to assert their right to their freedom- that suit having been brought to December court 1797 the bill was there after filed, and process having been awarded against Wm Segar the exor of Randolph Segar, Thos Jessee, Hugh Billaps and Thos Healy and executed, it the rules held