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Some time in the month of 1798 the answer of the deft Wm Segar exor was filed, and thereafter replication filed and [illegible] made of between your complts and the said deft- that the time having been pt down for hearing - orders were made for the deft Segar to settle his acct. that [standing?] other orders were made in the said cause, all which will appear by reference to the bill answer and proceedings afsd that the cause remaining on the issue dockett as to the deft Segar he departed this life by which the cause abated as to him and having made his will and that thereafter a certain Rich M Segar having qualified as his admr with the will annexed- your complts [say?] that the said Richd M Segar May be made defts to the said bill afsd and that the bill be so annexed, as thus to make him a deft- and that the cause afsd abated by the death of Wm Segar, May stand and be revived in the same plight and condition as it stood against his intestate Wm Segar- and that he be compell’d to answer to your orators bill afsd and to this bill, and he deemed to stand to and abide all and any decree of this court in the [illegible], as they be deemed [illegible] and proper- and that your complts may have such relief against the said deft Richd M Segar adm with the will annexed as in equity they may be entitled to may it please your worships to grant commonwealth [writ?] of [illegible]