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Rose, Henry and William may be entitled to their freedom upon their arrival at the age of twenty one years, declines at this time to make any order in respect to them, reserving the question for further consideration. And the court without deciding at this time whether the plaintiffs are entitled to any hires, doth adjudge, order and decree that Samuel R. Seay of the County of Amelia who is appointed a special commissioner for the purpose do take an account of the hires of all the plaintiffs in these suits keeping the account of the plaintiffs in each case separate, from the 1st January 1860 to the time that said persons are delivered up by the defendants. And said commissioner is also directed to take an account of the expense of maintaining the chargeable during the same time keeping the accounts of the hires and expenses separate, and make respect thereof to this court. A Copy Teste B. Worsham D.C.