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6 a bond of one thousand dollars to make a good and lawful title to any person as I shall direct by will or therewise, but if my son Charles shall choose to have the one thousand dollars instead of the land, my son David shall pay the said sum of money to Charles and keep the land aforesaid. Also I give Charles & c one bed & furniture. Item. I give and bequeath unto my son James Anderson and his heirs forever all the tools I lent to him in Lunenburg County. I also give to his children and their heirs forever all the stock and all the other property lent to him at the same time and place, now in his possession, and also give them and their heirs forever two hundred and fifty pounds the sum I leave in my son Jordan’s hands to be paid by him to the said children as they shall come to age or marry, and have a right to give a lawful discharge. I give unto them also one bed & furniture to be deposited in their mother’s hands for them. Item. I give and bequeath unto my son David Anderson and heirs four hundred dollars and one bed & furniture. Item I give unto my son Jordan Anderson and his heirs forever, that tract of land he now lives on one hundred and fifty acres, and after the death of my beloved wife (his mother) the tract of land I now live on, two hundred and fifty acres, on his paying to his brother James’ children their legacies as above- but if my son Jordan shall fail to pay the money as above directed, the said two hundred and fifty acres of land shall be sold to pay the same money given these children. Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Anderson and his heirs forever all my right and title to all lands I have any right & title to in Kentucky also the lands I had of Capt Hezekiah Rudd according to my bargain with said Rudd so that he now stands in my place essentially as his own bargain; I also give him & c two hundred dollars. Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Nathan Anderson & to his heirs forever five hundred dollars, deducting the money & interest he owed me on two bonds and also seven hundred and forty five pounds of pork in the year 1791 to be paid for at forty shillings per hundred, having had it thirteen years to this date. I also give him the labour and raising of my young negroes, namely America’s increase and Tom and Patt, and Peter and Fillis’s children and her future increase, not to be moved out of this state, or so far as to deprive them 7) of their freedom . It is further my will and desire that my son Thomas shall have all the labour and the raising of my young negroes, namely Amy’s & Milly’s Increase and Sall until come to the age of twenty one years, but not to move them out of the state or so far as to prevent their freedom. but Matt is excepted now with Charles. It is my further will & desire that my son Jordan shall have the labour of and the raising of all Rachel’s increase, but not to move them out of this state or so far as to prevent their freedom. It is further my will that my son Jordan shall account for the pork I lent him five hundred and fifty five pounds, and pay off his bond to me of ten pounds on interest. In short, that all my children shall pay to my estate all the debts any of them may owe to it. As there are two young negroes with Charles and two with James, they and all the others to be free at twenty one years of age. Item. It is my further will and desire that after my death all my estate that can be conveniently spared of wasting property shall be sold and the money applied in discharging the money legacies, with the last crop if any can be spared in proportion to each, also all the money in hand to be collected then due, to my estate, excepting one thousand dollars, which I devise and give as follows, that is to say- I give the interest of one thousand dollars for ten years from this date to be applied for the spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, if it shall be wanting for that purpose. but if it is not wanting for that purpose, then it shall be applied to the relief of the most indigent and distressed pious methodist saint- and after that term of years, then the principal one thousand dollars shall be equally divided among all my sons and their heirs forever- it is to be observed I mean by the money legacies that I have given to my sons Edward & David & Thomas & Nathan and that James’ children are to come in for a part of the one thousand dollars instead of himself. Item. It is my will & desire that this plantation & c shall be occupied with the negroes & stocks in it, for raising many to support my beloved wife Mary Anderson & for advantage of my children after her death equally to be divided, & I leave in trust this business to my three sons Jordan &Thomas & Nathan to see my desires fulfilled, especially see their mother duly taken care of, so that she shall want for nothing that this world offers that be got for comfort & support & as she is incapable of judging or determining for herself, may the lord give you to remember her exertions