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for your temporal interest, and give you the tenderest feelings for body and soul, and keep a just amount of all the cost and expense she may be, also the profits of the the estate, and I desire you shall receive a reasonable compensation for your troubles out of the profits. It is my will and desire that all my negroes that shall be twenty one years old, now being with me and my son Jordan, Thomas Nathan shall be free on the first day of January after mine and my wife’s death and they shall be well clothed both males and females and shall have their working tools and bread corn for one year and liberty to settle on 33 acres of land where my son Thomas shall choose for them- and I earnestly request that no advantage may be taken of them or suffer any to be taken of them that can conveniently be prevented- but let them have woodland as well as cleared, and it is my desire that my estate shall not be appraised- and that my loving and beloved wife shall live where she shall chose. And any one of the negroes she may choose to wait on and attending her during her life- and if any of my executors shall