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XXXVII section in these words, provided nevertheless that all slaves so emancipated, shall be liable to be taken in [ccution] to satisfy any debt [coumacked] by the person emancipating them before such emancipation is made III. In [ ] [auciently] the remedies for reclaiming a fugitivr Villain regardant to a [Manor] and for liberating a free man from unlawful durance, were the units [denative] [habeudo] in one, and de [homine] [replegiando] in the other instance, there remedies are obsolete in that Country, were [ ] as is believed used in this and are not comprehended in the terms of the statute for limitations of actions. Yet an equitable analogy, [exporition] of that statute will supply the [lut] and sound Rule of decision in case. The statute when it is pleaded successfully is [product] a two fold effect, extinction of a night in one party [conequent] acquisition of a right of a right in the other for elucidating which one feigned there examples. 1st David Bradley proprietor of Abby and Sally now [supp] to be slaves in September 1799 [ ] of them wrongfully by William Ragsdale in October 1797, [Commeneth] an action to recover them the statute in pleaded and the plea sustained. Here is extinguished the right of David Bradley. 2 if he David Bradley regain the possession from [M] Ragsdale who from an [per] had by the statute become an owner, William Ragsdale may recover the slaves back again, here is exerted the