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Know all men by these presents that I John Quar[les?] [missing part of page] of the county of King William in the colony of Virgini[a?] am held and firmly bound unto the honourble. Will[iam?] Gooch Esqr. Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Che[if?] of the said colony and dominion of Virga. and his [illegible] successors in the penal sum of one hundred poun[ds?] of lawfull money of the colony aforesaid for [illegible] [missing part of page] paymt l. well and truly to be made unto the above sa[id?] William Gooch Esqr. and his successrs. I bind myself my heirs exers. and admrs. firmly by these presents

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound John Quarles does his heirs executors and admrs. so erect and build or cause to be erected and built on his land two houses of the dimentions following Vizt. one forty foot house, twenty foot w[illegible] [missing part of page] eight foot pitch a four foot door in every twelve feet and one thirty foot house twenty foot wide eight foot pitch and a four foot door in every [twelve?] [missing part of page] and double cover the same good and work man like on [illegible, page missing] before the tenth day of November next ensueing the