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Know all men by these presents that wee Patr. Spence and Andrew Monroe Junr. Gent - are held & firmly bound to the Honourable William Gooch Esqr. his majesties Lieut. Governr. of the Colony of Virginia in the sum of two hundred & fifty pounds current money to be paid to the said William Gooch or his successrs. To the which sd. payment well and Truly to be made wee bind our selves & Either of us our & Either of our heirs Executrs. jointly & severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals Dated the thirtieth day of ^ July anno Domini 1731 Whereas at a meeting of the Comissrs: for Erecting ware houses & wharfs in this County at the Court house of the sd. County on the 29th day of July 1731 pursuent to the late act of assembly for Improving the Staple of Tobacco the above bound Patr. Spence appeared before the said Comissrs. and agreed to Erect and build at Court Point on Nomini River on the land of the sd. Patrick Spence the Severall houses prizes & wharf following (viz) one good fifty foot shedded Tobo. house and a forty foot sheded Tobacco house with Locust or Ceder posts putt four foot into the Ground the houses to be ten feet pitch Twenty foot wide & sheds suitable to that pitch and all parts of the said building to be good and according to the best way of Virginia building and a Convenient wharf for the Taking in and out all Tobacco brought also six prizes in or Convenient to the said houses for which the said Comissrs. have agreed he shall be paid the annual Rent of Twenty five pounds Current money. Now the Condition of the above obligacon is such that if the said Patrick Spence shall and do Erect, build & make or Cause to be Erected built & made in Good and Substantial workmanlike maner the said severall houses prizes and wharf of the Dimensions in Every respect according as the same are before mencond [=mentioned] to be built and made & fully compleat and finish the same by the first - Day of Novembr. next Insuing Then the obligation to be voyd and of none Effect otherwise to be and remain in full force power & Virtue Pat Spence Andw. Monro jr. Sealed & Delivered In Presence of G Turbervile John [Hunley or Hunter?]

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