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Know all men by these Presents that I Robt. Bolling of Prince George County am holden and stand firmly bound unto the Honourable William Gooch Esqr. his Majesties Lieutenant Governor & Commander in Chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia and to his successors in the sum of one thousand Pounds to the Payment of which I bind my self my heirs Executors &c. as Witness my hand and seal this [blank] day of September one thousand seven hundred thirty & one Whereas the Commissioners appointed for Directing the building and setting the Rents of the Publick ware houses in the County of Prince George have met and by the authority to them Given do appoint the following ware houses to be built at the Point on Colo. Robt. Bollings land Vizt. one house forty by twenty in ye body a Close shed ten foot wide on the Back side of the house with a Door in the End of the shed and an Eight foot shed in front under which are to be fixed six Prises & building ten feet square laid wth. Plank for Inspecting Tobbo. on another shed at one End of the house to Containe at least five hundred and twenty superficial feet, another house thirty feet by twenty in the body the house to have two or more Doors in it as the Inspecters shall Direct both houses shingled upon Clapboards as allso a Convenient Warf or Landing such as a flat of twelve Hogsds. may load or on load at a half Common tide at thirty Pounds pr. annum The Condition of this obligation is such that if the said Robt. Bolling shall finish the said buildings as above Directed by the tenth day of Next November then this obligation to be Void Else to Remain in full force & Virtue Witness my hand and seale this 10th day of September one thousand seven hundred and thirty one Robert Bolling Signed Sealed and Delivered In the presents of Wm Poythres Rich. Jones Tho. Jones