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Or seven pounds [per?] hundred acres cheaper than they can take up land in pensilvania and they don’t care to go as far as Wmsburg. I hope yt Colo. Henry Willis has not employed you agst [illegible] about his mountain land because I am concerned with Russell in it, tho’ my name is not mentioned in it, and if he loses it my part besides changes will be upwards of sixty pounds wch I shall lose, now I earnestly intreat you that you will take our cause in hand which I think is very just being ye first discoverers and we surveyed as soon as ye surveyors would go out, for last September by ye surveyors own and our appointmt. we mett at Elkwood in order to go out and survey ye sd land but after we had been at all that pains and trouble he told us yt he could not survey ye land and if he went he cou’d only make a beginning and so return wch we thought would do us no good, he having appointed colonel spotswood and colo. Grymes to make a survey for them at [Nussapomux?], now it will be very hard for us to loose ye land when it was ye surveyors fault and not ours, however rather than we should have any trouble or stop to our patent I offered to pay colo. Willis all the expences he had been at first he refused it because he said he had not been at any