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those who stand first in the commission would have had it twice. These my Lord are reasons which alone I humbly conceive would be sufficcient to induce you to give the comm to one in the recommendation; but there are such weighty objections to Mr Woods’s continuing in office and those of a publick nature too; that I presume they will set the matter beyond a dispute; in the first place my Lord we have one of the most extensive counties in the colony to do the business of which it would requir five or six sherifs, instead of which we have only two at present who may properly be said to be sherifs and one who has sworn in to collect the debts of another person in this county, but whom they declare shall not act even in that capacity for the future and do absolutely refuse to imploy any other. By this means our dockit which is already a very large one must in a short time become enormous; to convince your Lordship that the above charge is a just one I have I have got a certificate from the clerk of the court by which it will appear that not more than one third part of the precepts issued from this court have been executed, some copies left and scarce any returnd no inhabitant so that all the rest have been constantly return’d not executed nor copies left altho many of the county took place and the defendants inhabitants of the county ever since the commencement of the suits There return my Lord answers their purpose as well as any; for upon every one I am very creditable informed they charge the plantif the same as for a coppy left, so that by their neglect they get paid for many returns, more than they are intitled too; this is not the only objection to the sherifs They frequently execute precepts and return them not executed or not return them at all, so that the defendants are several times distressed for the same thing