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The deposition of Guy Smith gentleman being first sworn [illegible] [page torn] deposith and sayeth that Some years past which the records of Bedford court will shew, I think was a year or two or more after Mead was out of his sheriffs office, he return’d a list of insolvents, I was surpris’d that he had omited returning host list so long, I asked yr. sd. Mead the reasons he answerd, that he had been long in an infirm madeof health, so long, that he had not been able to make up his collection until lately, that he allways expected; that, list of insolvents was to have been allone’d him in taking his acrs. with the tresuerrer but that the tresuerrer had inform’d him the county was to pay him, which satisfied me for the time present, but at a futer day, on sending to the clerk’s office for proper records, I discovered that Mead had returned a list of insolvents fr ye. same year